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I have been passionate about Homeopathy for over 20 years, when I first took a homeopathic remedy I felt it work immediately then followed the path.

I have a diploma in Classical Homeopathy with the Hahnemann College I qualified in 2003. I studied at the Jack Temple Dowsing Academy 2003 to 2005, then followed with a diploma in Shamanic Homeopathy 2005 to 2009. Where I regularly do homeopathic provings.

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BA DipHomMed DSH Member of ARH

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Appointments Available by Virtual Video Calls, Phone, and Email.

Homeopathic medicine is holistic and complementary and has been practiced in Europe for over 200 years, although its roots go further back in history.

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This coming November it will be a decade since I met Emma and started a series of homeopathic treatments.

As a person with severe profound disabilities as a result of a condition called Cerebral Palsy from birth, life has presented me with many mental and physical challenges in terms of finding methods to overcome daily societal barriers. Judging by limited experience of homeopathy by other family members it wasn’t something that necessarily gave me confidence or allowed me to have an open mind, but having decided to give it a go and through meeting Emma my attitude changed completely.

It is vital that if one decides to try alternative medicine of any kind they give it every chance for as long as they can through perseverance. Over these last 10 years I have found Emma to be an exceptionally gifted homeopath with excellent listening skills. The remedies she provides are a large reason why I am able to cope from day to day. There is no question that without her help and support I would have been far more reliant on the NHS than I have had to be. Through my own determination I am able to live in the wider community as a bona fide member of society, but Emma’s assistance has played a large part in my being able to do this up to now and hopefully for many more years to come.



When I first went to see Emma 2 years ago I was waiting for an operation to treat a very painful fistula. I was dreading the op as I’d heard and read so much about the uncomfortable and lengthy recovery process. I had been prescribed courses of various antibiotics for 5 months and was told by doctors and a hospital consultant that there was no alternative to surgery. I was a very busy, working Mum with 3 children under 10 and was told that I would need 3 months off work with plenty of bed rest – as if!

After talking to Emma and taking her remedies I attended the Royal Hospital 4 months later and confidently told the consultant that I didn’t need the operation as the fistula had been treated by my homeopath. He was (I suppose understandably) very sceptical but after examining me he agreed that I no longer needed the operation and discharged me. I’ll never forget his astonishment. The fistula had “healed” and was giving me no trouble at all.

Our 2 daughters, then aged 2 and 5 were also on the asthma register at our GP surgery and both used inhalers when their awful coughs returned. After Emma’s remedies (or Magic Balls as our kids call them) the inhalers have been ditched and the girls have never returned to the asthma clinic.

I cannot recommend Emma highly enough. She listens, she heals, she respects your confidentiality and has given me the faith to turn to homeopathy instead of conventional drugs to treat our family. I now ring Emma instead of the GP if we need treatment and I can think of no higher praise.


Catherine Smith

Three years ago I began suffering from a very debilitating condition. I would experience the most dreadful pains in my chest, which would then lead to vomiting, nausea and exhaustion. The condition became so bad that I ended up in the royal hospital on two occasions, attached to and ECG machine as they thought I was having a heart attack. After that was ruled out, and I was no nearer of getting to the bottom of what was wrong, I was advised by my doctor at that time that paracetamol would be the best thing to mask the condition, which it did, however sometimes, however this was a very worrying answer to my problem. The condition had also become so debilitating that I would refuse to go out for meals with friends in case this triggered my symptoms as if I did have another attack I could be in bed for up to three days afterwards in the most dreadful pain, with vomiting, nausea and exhaustion.

I was given Emma’s phone number through a friend, and decided to seek help homeopathically. Through my treatment with Emma we were able to ascertain that I was dreadfully intolerant of wheat, gluten and MSG. Emma worked both homeopathically and vibrationally.

I have been symptom free now for three years and I can pretty much eat what I want, my social life is back to normal, and best of all I am not driven to bed for three days on a diet of paracetamol! I am extremely grateful to Emma as through both her knowledge and commitment I now have my life back.


Katie Gamble

I started my treatment with Emma only a few months ago because I was suffering with serve hay fever for years and after using countless over the counter prescriptions and nothing having worked for me. I was fed up of feeling drowsy and not really knowing what I was putting in my body daily with these common tablets and not seeing any results.

I first came across a travelling Homeopath clinic at Glastonbury festival and was given something to help short term, they recommended me to go to Emma in Liverpool for her homeopathic therapies. It was the best thing I’ve ever done! My hayfever has improved dramatically, it’s so lovely to able to enjoy the warmer months properly again and not wish it away and to know that the treatment we are doing it for long term results.

Not only has Emma helped me with my hayfever but she has also helped me with my mental health and I’m so grateful for that.. x


Hannah Elkin

I fully and wholeheartedly recommend Emma Mcevoy. I have a chronic health condition and after a few months with Emma I can already see physiological differences taking place. I was extremely sceptical of homeopathy and the remedies but I now see how powerful it all is- it can’t be denied. Since ‘seeing’ Emma, I feel lighter and more joyful and positive- ironically I feel more like myself! Emma is so caring and patient as well. She is outstanding and honestly, I wish I knew about her earlier.

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